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Hudson Valley Talentbase

Connecting the regional creative community

Hudson Valley Talentbase — Homepage

The Hudson Valley corridor stretches almost 100 miles between New York City and Albany, and has a thriving tech and creative scene. IBM is here; so is Woodstock. There’s also a burgeoning startup scene, bolstered by the number of tech entrepreneurs choosing to move out of NYC to make their life someplace more rural.

The amazing creative energy here can be hard to find unless you know someone who’s part of it. There are tech meetups and creative hotspots, but there’s still a hole in the ecosystem: a distributed geography can only be truly connected via a distributed network.

I’ve built the Hudson Valley Talentbase to solve this problem. Talentbase is a regional online creative community; anyone with a Hudson Valley zip code can create a profile, showcase their work, connect with collaborators, and find their next job.

Hudson Valley Talentbase — Logged Out
When logged out, Talentbase displays an explanation of what it is and why local creatives should sign up.
Hudson Valley Talentbase — Sign Up

I built the site in Laravel, a popular PHP framework that happens to have a local connection (its creator was working for a Hudson Valley company when he started the project). It’s got a smattering of JavaScript, though eventually I plan to move the front-end into Vue or React. Since it’s a solo project, I’ve had the freedom to iterate very quickly, and I’ve been designing and prototyping directly in code.

Hudson Valley Talentbase — Work
Users can upload images, or embed URLs from services like YouTube, Vimeo, and Soundcloud.

Long-term, I can see Talentbase becoming a central pillar of the local creative economy. There will be opportunities to provide hiring and recruiting tools for companies, and as it continues to organically generate data, I’ve already heard interest from economic development organizations who want more visibility into the Hudson Valley creative scene.

To quote a recent blog post I wrote on the Talentbase blog:

I already know of at least one user who’s gotten work inquiries through Talentbase, just by filling out their profile and sharing some of their work. There’s a huge need for talented, capable creative workers in the region, and I’m continuing to add features to make collaboration and hiring easier than ever. Talentbase will make it possible for freelancers to find their next job, local firms to find their next employees, and outside companies to recognize the value of hiring in the Hudson Valley.

As Talentbase grows, we’re starting to see a digital map of our region’s creative talent emerge. I think a lot of us have the feeling that something special is happening in the Hudson Valley right now, and this will enable us to better understand and articulate it. I suspect we’ll find that the creative scene in the region is even broader, deeper, and more dynamic than we already know it to be.

Check out Talentbase live here: Hudson Valley Talentbase

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