Jordan Koschei Digital product designer

Together we can grow your business and make your ideas come to life.

I help businesses solve problems by designing and building websites and apps that are functional, beautiful, and easy to use.

What I Can Do For You

I’m a product generalist who can work as a product team of one or by plugging in to your existing team.

There are certain types of projects that I’m particulary adept at:


Great user experience can be your competitive advantage. I can help you make your ideas tangible as developer-ready mockups, wireframes, or motion prototypes. Want something that your developers can use out-of-the-box? I can create a design system with markup and styles that your developers can plug right into.

Front-End Development

I can help you build your product by writing production-ready HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. On larger products with complex backends, I can augment your team as a front-end engineer that also knows his way around Rails, React, Laravel, and more. On simpler projects (static sites, WordPress sites, etc) I can build the whole site from start to finish.

Websites, Start to Finish

I have years of experience building websites from scratch, using both content management systems like WordPress or as standalone static websites. I can build your landing page, microsite, or full website using your platform of choice. I can also help you decide the platform that’s best for you.

Examples of How I Can Help

Some examples of things I can do for you:

Why Trust Me?

I have 10 years of experience as a designer and full-stack developer, and have worked with a wide variety of companies and clients. I’ve worked as a freelancer, in an agency, and at two startups; I’ve done projects for everyone from indie filmmakers to the Fortune 100.

I’ve worked on both B2B and consumer-facing apps. I’ve built internal tools for corporate events, flown around the country doing UX research, and designed websites that have gotten millions of pageviews in a month.

Here’s something nice that was said about me by Dave Martin, principal designer at Automattic (the people who make WordPress):

Reach Out

I accept limited consulting work, based on interest and availability. If you have a project that I might be able to help with, I’d love to hear from you!

Ready to discuss a possible collaboration, commitment-free? Reach out on my contact page.

Selected Clients: