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Jordan Koschei
Photograph by Hovsep Agop, taken outside the Urban Future Lab in Brooklyn.

I’m never sure how to describe my profession, so here goes: I use design, writing, and code to create digital experiences.

I build the Hudson Valley Talentbase, the online creative community for the Hudson Valley.

I’m currently helping to design and build Dwell, an audio Bible app that will make the experience of listening to Scripture more accessible and more beautiful. It was the fourth most highly-backed app in Kickstarter history! I’m also working with the same team on Lightstock, a stock photography site for churches.

I was the first Lead Product Designer at Agrilyst, an AgTech startup that helps indoor farmers manage their facilities and understand their data better. If you’ve heard of it, it’s probably from the coverage after it won TechCrunch Disrupt in 2015.

I helped build the first iteration of Playbook, a place for designers to ask questions and get quality answers from industry luminaries.

I was the managing editor of The Industry, a now-defunct digital publication that helped pioneer design-oriented coverage of the startup scene. The Industry is currently on hiatus.

I live in the Hudson Valley, the beautiful 100-mile corridor just north of New York City. In addition to the incredible landscape and one of the most renowned food scenes on the planet, we’ve got a burgeoning tech scene.

In the summer, I’m the stadium announcer for Stockade FC, the semi-pro soccer team started by Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley. Here’s a video about it.

I’m a Christian. That doesn’t mean I think I’m perfect; it means I believe Jesus died so I wouldn’t have to be. This is a loaded subject, but please feel free to ask me if you have any questions (even and including “Why in the world would you be a Christian!?”). I won’t preach at you. Yes, I believe in science. No, I don’t hate anybody.

I think a person’s hobbies say more about them than their career. So, it might be helpful for you to know that I enjoy: reading (a lot), cooking, going to museums, dominating at Mario Kart, dabbling in screenwriting, and doing stand-up comedy (just once, but I keep telling myself I’ll do it again).

Want to know more? Find me on Twitter, or feel free to reach out via email using the links below.

Writing Elsewhere

I wrote UX for the Enterprise, a piece that achieved moderate popularity on A List Apart.

I ran the In Progress interview series for Wake, in which I interviewed designers at well-known companies to talk about design and collaboration.

I wrote over a hundred articles for The Industry over several years, first as a staff writer, then as opinion editor and finally managing editor. You can learn more here.

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