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And… We're Back

Here’s a brand new layout for my website, more focused on writing than before. There are a few reasons I chose to redesign now:

  1. It needed it. The old site wasn’t doing its job, and I just wasn’t happy with the layout or appearance.
  2. I want to start writing more. I used to write a lot, but I’ve kind of fallen off that wagon. Maybe the website languished because of the lack of writing, or maybe I wasn’t writing because the website languished. Either way, a redesign seems like a good idea.
  3. This seems like a good time to make one’s voice heard. The world’s a little crazy right now. I have things to say, but I rarely say them because I — like anyone who values nuance and has thoughts longer than 140 characters — detest the internet outrage machine. The world needs thoughtfulness right now, and if any of us has something to say, it’s milquetoast not to say it.


I’ve taken some cues from two blogs I enjoy and respect — Daring Fireball and Rands in Repose — both of which are no-nonsense and reading-oriented.

I really like Daring Fireball’s format for presenting external content with commentary. I find a lot of interesting links, many of which are pretty esoteric, and I want a place to catalogue what I find and add my own two cents.

Rands in Repose is a prime example of what can be done with long-form writing on the web, and I admire its ability to completely suck you in. If I read one post there, I can be sure that I’ll follow the trail of links and wind up reading several.


The site is built on Jekyll, a static-site generator. I build the site on my machine, then git push the flat HTML files to the server. I just can’t deal with WordPress’s bloat anymore. I want to write in Markdown and push to the server — nothing more.

(Sidenote: I’ve used Jekyll before, so it was a thrill to realize that one of my Agrilyst coworkers, Nick Quaranto, was an early contributor. I love seeing people I know around the internet.)

I built the theme from scratch. HTML and Sass, no Javascript necessary.

I’ve decided to start archiving old versions of my site, so the previous iteration will remain available at Narrator: It didn’t.

That’s all. More to come.

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